Toner-Tap offers aftermarket components for replacing toner and ink supplies.


Toner-Tap is a leading online distributor that specializes in premium copier and printer supplies.  We offer compatible toner cartridges for all major printer brands.  We use Japanese toner technology to develop and produce compatible products in-house.  Toner Tap is your best source for replacement printer/copier toner supplies.

Location: Orange County, CA

Toner Tap Store in California

Wide Selection.

Our new Southern California facility features a wide selection of quality Aftermarket components and parts for all your major printer brands.  We offer high yield toners, new replacements and convenient refill kits.  Our refill kits and toner cartridges are professionally built to match OEM standards and in many cases exceed cartridge performance. Our High-Yield page capacity toner products are comparable in quality to original brand name cartridges.

Prices that wont break the bank: We have reliable solutions to your printing needs that will not cost you a fortune.  Just as our products are known to have premium performance, we can also say that we have the best value when it comes to toner cartridges and refill kits.  Our customer service agents will always guide you to the best alternative option to costly OEM items, while always maintaining a high degree of printing excellence. Our staff is expertly trained in the imaging supplies aftermarket business, and we’re committed to always offering the best customer support.

Toner-Tap is fully committed to lifetime product warranty to all customers on all our products.  Toner Tap is synonymous with quality Aftermarket imaging supplies and our Satisfaction Guarantee plan means we will work with you as long as our toner is in the printer .  To learn more about our replacement policy, return policy, and refunds, please visit our Help & FAQ page.

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